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Character for upcoming BYU Senior Short Film Grendel

Responsible for Texturing and Shading (The Purple Dragon). Textured in Mari, rendered in Renderman for Houdini.


Hugo and Grim-

The Design is by Jake Parker. From a couple of his drawings I sculpted the charcters in Zbrush. Texturing was done in Mari and Substance Painter. Shaded, Lit, and hair groomed in Houdini. Rendered in Renderman for Houdini. Composited in Nuke


Black Plum-

Personal Project for my procedural shading class- Created the Shader from the ground up in Houdini- Color and displacement was made with procedural noise maps- We were also required to use two painted layer masks from MARI. I used them to mask out more of the light blue on the outside, and a displacement map to add a few more knicks and scratches on the surface

XGEN Grooming Study-

Responsible for Xgen groom in Maya, rendered in Renderman. I've wanted to learn xgen for a while, so I took a couple evenings and tried it out. I've used Houdini Fur quite a bit and XGEN had some similarities, but I really liked the speed of and control you get with it's grooming brushes. It also involved a lot of problem solving to get the hair to render in Maya Renderman. 



Personal Project

Responsible for all aspects.

Started out as a sculpt in Zbrush, then I decided to shade it. Textured in Mari, rendered in Renderman for Houdini.  It was my first time trying out Renderman so it was a fun challenge. Eyebrows and Eyelashes are groomed with Houdini Fur. Border and background are painted in Procreate.

Weathered Metal Crabs-

These were a study in texturing. Both were done in Substance Painter and rendered in Substance Painter's IRAY renderer. 



Personal project where I wanted to focus on making a slightly more photo-realistic image.

Modeled in Maya

Displacement for the leather in ZBrush

Textures painted in Mari

To get the fuzzies on the cloth portion I used Houdini's Fur tool

Shading, Lighting, and Rendering in Houdini

Grendel's House-

Environment for BYU Senior film Grendel. Textured in Mari and Substance Painter. Groom with Houdini Fur. Lit and Rendered in Renderman for Houdini

Thanks for watching!

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